When one colour isn’t enough

'When one colour isn’t enough'

Maria Thaker

07th May 2022
18:00 IST


Colours in the natural world are more diverse than we can see. They are also important for the animals that wear them. Putting themselves in the skin, eye, and brain of animals, students and Maria Thaker have been studying how colours influence the way animals communicate with each other with and without colour. We explore this science in an unlikely group of animals: lizards. Does colour have a function? Together with Maria Thaker, we will see how lizards use colour to combat, to court, and to conceal. Maria Thaker will show how we can study the science of colour in nature.

Maria Thaker is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore India. Her lab takes an integrative and comparative approach to understand animal form and function, including colour. This involves exploring natural variation within and between species, the functional connection between morphology, behaviour, physiology and nutrition, and the evolutionary patterns of these traits. Maria Thaker studies the implications of environmental change, such as urbanization and green energy, on how animals respond.

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