Drama of Colors in Textiles

'Drama of Colors in Textiles'

Gaurang Shah

12th March 2022
18:00 IST



The perception of color, the use of colored materials or color-producing products, and the communication of color are circumstances that are unique to human beings. Throughout his career, colour has been one of the most important and enjoyable tools of his trade. Imagining and using colors in hand woven textiles has been a fascinating journey for Gaurang Shah from the day he started working with weavers in 2001. Color variety and new color or shade development are major driving forces in the production and marketing of textiles. Every piece of textile that he creates has an interplay and drama of colors.

The first truth of color is that without light there is no color In the case of textiles, there are three specific ways in which these materials can interact with light. Textile materials can reflect, absorb, and/or transmit light. The intensity of the color in the design depends on the weave technique and skill of the weaver. He enjoys working with both extreme and unusual contrasting colors, and with subtle subdued and elegant ones.

He realised the concept of color, the production of color, and the control of color, especially on textile products, in an important project that he worked on for 5 years to recreate Raja Ravi Verma paintings in Jamdani weaving in the pallas of khadi sarees. He began dyeing various silk textured yarns in 600 shades using natural elements , using 150 count khadi as the base of the saree, 40 women weavers weaving 35 masterpieces over 3 years and first showcasing at the national gallery of modern art on Oct 2 2019 – a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.

The talk will illuminate through visuals and words. The use of colour as texture or in forms, as a carrier of ideas or mental constructs, as we may call them.

Gaurang shah is a textile artist working with weavers from all over India since 2001, creating works of arts on sarees in various weave techniques.

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