A Study of Color

'Varied Definitions for Youth: A Study of Color'

Simona Zappas

24th September 2022
18:00 IST


We invite you to join the Walker Art Center’s Youth and Community Programs Associate, Simona Zappas, in an interactive virtual workshop exploring the personal, cultural, universal symbolic meanings of color. Workshop will be followed by a short presentation on building community in youth led spaces. She wishes to lead the group in a reflection on how the definition of words changes depending on the space they’re used in and how this contributes to her work in building community with youth, ultimately coming to the point that colors can have different meanings.

Simona Zappas (she/her) is the Youth and Community Programs Associate at the Walker Art Center. In her work she designs and facilitates informal learning opportunities for youth. She collaborates with curatorial staff to bring a learning lens to museum public engagement and a social practice bent to programmatic strategy. Prior to this she was the director of WFNU Frogtown, a low-power radio station in Saint Paul. Simona holds a BA with Honors from Macalester College and a Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota. Simona sits on the board of the Saint Paul Neighborhood Network and volunteers at Planned Parenthood as an abortion doula.

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