Many Hues

'Many Hues: 11th Century Kannada Poetry in Translation'
Pradip Khandwalla

15th August 2021
6:00pm IST


Medieval Veer Shaivas was a revolutionary sect of Karnataka, India, that rejected the rigidities of Brahminical Hinduism such as gender and caste differences, temple-based rituals, and multiplicity of deities. The wonderful poetry of Veer Shaivas is highly graphic, evocative, and stimulating.



Pradip Khandwalla

Professor Pradip Khandwalla taught at McGill University, Canada, and was the director of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He has published books on The Design of Organizations, Fourth Eye: Excellence through Creativity, and Lifelong Creativity: An Unending Quest. His book of translation of 11th Century Kannada Poetry in Gujarati won the Gujarati Sahiya Academy and Gujarat Sahitya Parishad awards.


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