The Social and Political life of Colour

'The Social and Political life of Colour'

Sarover Zaidi

19th February 2022
18:00 IST


Colour has always functioned as an experiential category, in the social and political life of colour it comes forth as part of rituals, and moods. This talk wishes to examine the manners in which colours manifest in our lives and worlds. How colours become signs or symbols of the political or how colours resist symbolic orders to dissolute into different spheres of life. Working with histories of colours such as indigo and saffron, Sarover Zaidi hopes to elucidate the social and political lives of colour from the iconic to the ordinary.

Sarover Zaidi is a philosopher and a social anthropologist. She works at the intersections of critical theory, anthropology, art, architecture and material culture studies. She has extensively worked on religious architecture, and urbanism in the city of Bombay and currently co-runs a site on writing the city called Chiragh Dilli ( Previously, she has worked on rural development, with a focus on health, education, and women’s rights across India, and currently works on religious iconography and modernist architecture in South Asia. She has received the Max Planck fellowship, the INTACH fellowship, the IFA fellowship and the Khoj fellowship for her research interests. She also curates an interdisciplinary forum on art, architecture and anthropology, ‘Elementary forms’ and has previously taught at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi. She currently teaches at the Jindal School of Art and Architecture, Sonipat, India.

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