Colour Perception

'An understanding of an ecological view of colour perception'
Christopher Rose

09th September 2021
18:00 IST


Firstly a distinction has to be made between colour paint, pigments and inks which we use, to which most 'systems' of colour refer, and colour in nature, or the light of vision and the act of 'seeing', which is very different . The word in english is taken to mean 'meaning' as well as sight. This is the connection to what kind of knowledge we have, and is a useful research tool, revolutionising our ideas and revealing what we take for granted. The eyes contribute about 20% to what is seen, the brain and spinal cord does the rest! It is impossible to do anything without a sense of balance, and it is an accord with our various senses that constructs this for us.

In this talk the latest insights into colour vision will be illustrated and explored, it will be of interest to everyone curious about how we 'see' in comparison to other species.

Chris Rose MDesRCA is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, (London) and  taught the Graduate Program in Furniture at Rhode Island School of Design in the USA until 2020. He now collaborates independently with MIT and Aalto University, Finland. He has spent many years researching human vision and our senses; how they contribute to knowledge, language and ideas, for which the future is always opening up. He is presently part of the 'osmocosmo' team researching aspects of scent detection, based upon the work of Andreas Mershin's Lab at MIT inspired by 'medical detection dogs' in UK.


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