Colour in my compositions: Kathak and beyond

'Colour in my compositions: Kathak and beyond'

Aditi Mangaldas

07th January 2023
18:00 IST

Join Aditi Mangaldas, a leading dancer and choreographer in the classical Indian dance form of Kathak, recognised for her artistry, technique, and eloquence, as she shares how colours influence her choreography and how she uses colour to stimulate audience memory and arouse emotions. Besides dancing and choreographing classical productions, she has used her knowledge of Kathak to evolve a contemporary dance vocabulary. Aditi has won critical acclaim across the world and was nominated in the category of outstanding performance (classical) by the National Critics Circle Awards 2017 in the UK. She was awarded both the State and National Sangeet Natak Academy Award India, in 2007 and 2013 respectively, both of which she declined to accept due to compelling reasons. Considered a maverick in India, she has consistently broken ground, unafraid to confront social and present day concerns. Aditi heads the Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company-The Drishtikon Dance Foundation.

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