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'Form > Color'

Manuel Skirl

01st October 2022
18:00 IST


In Manuel Skirl’s earlier works you can find a big variety of colors, but with time he reduced the range of colors drastically. At the moment the preferred tones are black, gray and blue on white. The reduction of colours creates greater contrast and clarity. Monochromity draws more attention to the shapes and the technique. His works are dominated above all by lines. The fine lines, which are tightly interwoven, reflect the surface texture of bodies, structures and movements.

Manuel Skirl is an Austrian artist, his work primarily can be found in public spaces but also in galleries. His style is defined by organic structures of black and blue lines. His career as an engraver provided him with unique skills that led him to expand his visual narrative from a classical graffiti style to abstract painterly shapes and forms. The texture and style of his works are reminiscent of patterns and symbols in nature. The juxtaposition of precise lines and organic shapes creates a visual tension and sense of movement. With his hand-cut roller, he leaves an unmistakable mark wherever he goes.

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