Colours of Monochrome

'Colours of Monochrome'

Mickey Bardava

12th February 2022
18:00 IST


Photography can be used to capture landscapes or portraits for record keeping. It can also be used to capture emotions, feelings, sometimes entire relationships, immortalise moments, and in a magical sense, even time travel.

Colour can be a powerful distraction in a photo. Some expressions are so fleeting and delicate that by removing colour we preserve and highlight the visual value and manners.

In that sense, as the saying goes, sometimes less is more. Here in this collection, monochrome has been used not for an aesthetic, but as a way to go beyond just the visage, to draw attention to who the person is and some of the little things that characterise them, and their relationship with the photographer. Small things take a lot of effort to capture, but they make what is captured, special and timeless.

This monochrome collection is a very personal project, an attempt to capture friends and their signature quirks.

Mickey Bardava is a communication designer and photographer from Rajasthan, India and a graduate of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. His photographic practice continues to inform his design work—often giving him a rich flow of ideas and experiences that forms the crux of his style and approach—and takes him on trips across the country, documenting people and places. Mickey has collaborated with a host of organisations across sectors as diverse as hospitality, fashion, retail, technology and education. At the core of his practice is the idea that a great piece of design is about simplifying the complex till it is resolved enough to speak for itself. In that sense monochrome is most colourful!

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