Colour Red

'Colour Red: from Tagore to Pamuk'
Seema Khanwalkar

28th August 2021
6:00pm IST


Colour red-of human blood to business finance, of Hibiscus flower to angry eyes-always attract additional attention. Given a chance, many children grab red colour to use for their first doodle, and a bride-to-be gets a red saree for her wedding. It’s a colour of auspiciousness, anger, fire, love, devotion, passion, heat, power, malice, ritual, determination, and more.




Seema Khanwalkar will tell us how Rabindranath Tagore and Orhan Pamuk saw, or did not see, the colour red in their writings and thus open a few windows to literature on colour and role of colour in literature.

Seema Khanwalkar, seamlessly teaches and learns across disciplines of design, management, architecture and humanities with young students and senior faculty with equal ease. She is associated with NID, CEPT, and IIM-A. She presented her initial ideas on Colour Red at Shanti Sadan Click here


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