Colour as Construct

'Colour as Construct in Everyday Life'
Jayshree Poddar

21st August 2021
6:00pm IST


You are invited to be part of Jayshree Poddar’s journey in the field of art and design, a journey of nearly 40 years working on colour and form, mainly in textiles.

The talk will illuminate through visuals and words, the use of colour as texture or in forms, as a carrier of ideas or mental constructs, as we may call them...

Jayshree Poddar labels these experiments as ART! She will illustrate her active everyday involvement with colour in the clothes she dons, the vegetables that are cooked, and her surroundings of interior spaces as well as the outdoors. Colour becomes a cue and companion to start and traverse her day !



Jayshree Poddar, NID Alumnus, has energetically worked at the intersection of design, art and textiles with success at national and international level. One of the best examples of her work was her recent exhibition 'Many Moons’ at Shanti Sadan.







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