Learning Colour


Shanti Sadan holds original artworks of the outstanding designer Armin Hofmann. Who worked on colour for three decades after he retired, The first workshop on Learning Colour without Colour Theory was conducted by Moritz Zwimpfer, student of Armin Hofmann, Colour in 2018, with 13 selected participants and four instructors. Further work on learning colour is developing in to similar workshops and publications.

Participants included Abhi Bhatt, Ved Tripathi, Niraj Chokshi, Kakuben Parmar, Sakhiben Ahir, Zeel Gohil, Radha Devpura, Snehal Kashikar, Vaibhav Tanna, Himani Malhotra, Chandrikaben Chavda, Hasmukhbhai Vanakar and Nitaben Vaghela.

Archana Shah showcased her paradigm on colour and design.
Seema Khandelwal showed her insights on Colour in Literature and Writers from Rabindranath Tagore and Orhan Pamuk.