Hues of Digital Art

'Hues of Digital Art from South Asia and Virtual Curating'

Khayal Trivedi and Proiti Seal Acharya

4th December 2021
18:00 IST


Posing a challenge to the eurocentric approach in the field of new media art, the digital arts scene in South Asia today is thriving and energetically de-centering the west though many forms, mediums and hues that South Asian artists are incorporating into their creative work.

Khayal Trivedi and Proiti Seal Acharya, co-curators of Deconfine, an annual South Asian Digital Arts Festival will share their experience in curating in a virtual space that is already visually crowded and controlled by a handful of global digital corporations, and showcasing the many colors of Digital Art from South Asia by presenting a panorama of selected artists they have worked with.

The festival, Featured artists from Rashid Rana and Sahej Rahal to Reya Ahmed, brought together under one platform diverse strands of innovations in the virtual space. The festival website, co-conceptualised in collaboration with artists and websites, attempts to break the moulds imposed by capitalistic internet platforms, and weave a new visual language of tomorrow.

Khayal Trivedi and Proiti Seal Acharya are researchers who each hold an Erasmus Mundus Master's in Media Arts Cultures. They are co-founders of Media Art South Asia, an initiative to document and disseminate media arts in South Asia, and co-curate deconfine, an annual digital arts festival supported by the French cultural network.

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