Photography lost in Color

'Photography lost in Color'

Yaopey Yong

22nd January 2022
18:00 IST


When someone looks at a photograph an emotional response is triggered, and this allows for a very human experience. Color has the ability to transform the way we perceive an image—it is the unifying element when crafting the composition of a photograph. We are surrounded by color every day yet we don’t fully understand how it works. Color is one of the key elements of a good photograph but it is often overlooked. Yaopey will talk about the fundamentals of color in photography, and how color interacts with each other to provoke an emotional response that captures the attention of the viewer. Yaopey elucidates on how we perceive color on an anatomical level.

Yaopey Yong is an award-winning landscape and architecture photographer. Originally from Malaysia, he is currently residing in the United Kingdom. His work is featured in books, magazines, and exhibitions in London and New York. Yaopey’s photography represents a contemporary approach to landscape and architecture, examining age-old topics such as stillness, light, and the interplay of geometry through utilizing modern post-production techniques. He learned photography through passion, and studied the art out of interest and curiosity which ultimately became a channel for him to express his creativity outside his day job as a surgeon. Form, figure, and focus are a consistent theme throughout his oeuvre. His artworks exhibit both representational and impressionistic approaches, seeking to find and examine the balance between configuration, appearance, and impact.

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