The color of Sound

'The color of Sound'

Ish S

19th November 2022
18:00 IST

A talk and a listening session of sounds and music, the creation of new TimeSpace(s) and their translation(s) into color(s). Ish S will navigate and transverse the phenomenological affection (subjective) apparatus , that extends the listening in time and its juxtaposed relation to the spatial experience of colors. As a Sound Artist, he encountered these creative dialogues personally while working with videos and spatial movements as a predecessor of the imaginary sound and in turn the image. For this session some pivotal points of Indian Classical Music like allaap and Raas will be the foci as they are an integral part of his practice as a Sound Artist and a Musician.

Ish Shehrawat (Ish S) is a composer, sound artist, curator and musician from New Delhi, and his primary fields of interest are sound art and installations, along with electro-acoustic and improvised music. Trained as a classical guitar player, he has produced various sound art installations, albums and composed music for independent short films, plays, performances, Video/Media Art projects and contemporary dance recitals worldwide. He also curates the ‘Sound Reasons Festival’ for sound art and experimental electronic music since 2012. His work OCTAGON AND A SQUARE was exhibited at Yokohama Triennial as a part of Episodo 07 Sound Reasons in 2020. In 2018 he received a grant from India Foundation for the Arts.

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